Pipes and Tubes

  • For FTTH solution
  • Cables line for Data Centers
  • Optical fibers (not cabled)
  • Various solutions for Broadcast (FTTA), Industry, Oil & Gas, Marittime, Renewal energies, Security, Mining

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Cables manufactured under Construction Products regulation

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is the new European legislation that establishes the basic requirements and standardized essential characteristics that all products used in construction must meet.


The telecommunications market is undergoing a very important change: the high demand for services such as TV on demand, Internet content, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc., has led the spread of optical fibre, not only at the national infrastructure level, but also in our homes (FTTH).



Tight buffer cable for indoor installation. Flexible and easy to install.

IPG-ABD (Micro cables)

Gel filled multi loose tube cable for outdoor installation in micro-duct. Installation by air blowing system.

IPG-IFT (Micro cables)

Multi loose tube cable for indoor installation. Flexible and easy strip loose tube.

IPG-DP (Micro cables)

Multi loose tube cable for outdoor installation. Strength members composed by fiberglass yarns.

Micro Cable for FTTH application (Micro cables)

The IPG-ABG Micro Cables are the most popular cables for the FTTH application. They are loose tube cables for installation in micro-duct - tight blowing system - and available in high density fibres. They are manufactured with gel-filled loose multilayer cable for external installation in micro-duct and with an external sheath in low friction polyethylene. Cables up to 144 fibres are available.

Fiber cable reference for FTTH

Optical fibre has become a necessity for telecommunications companies as a preferred transmission medium to meet their more expensive bandwidth needs. Our customized cable solutions meet the broadband applications of data centres, global Internet companies, internet-telecommunications service providers and citizen network services.


In order to save space in data centre cabinets, the optical cables have been scaled down to offer high bandwidth with reduced diameters. This clever design allows for significant weight savings and excellent flexibility.

On a technical level, data transmission is excellent and installation times and costs are reduced.

Our optical fibres offer a range of ultra-high performance, OS2, OM3, OM4, OM5 and allow customized designs for an intelligent and organized wiring solution.


Breakout cable for indoor installation, suitable to install in trays


Thight buffer cables, suitable for interconnection applications


Gel free multi loose tube cable for indoor/outdoor installation


Gel free single loose tube cable for indoor/outdoor installation.


Thight buffer, suitable for interconnection applications. Certification Euroclass CPR According to the new regulation, CPR is applicable in EU countries and provides a classification of the response to fire level of cables. IPG products are certified in different Euroclasses detailed on each individual product datasheet:


As a leading supplier of fibre optic cable solutions, we can meet all customer needs in its applications.

Our lowest curvature loss fibre optic is best suited for your fibre optic network, allowing for high performance at significantly lower installation costs. We entered the era of Zettabyte, when users and companies generate and consume more data than an entire city would do until about a decade ago. Optical fibre can carry tens of terabytes of data per second at the speed of light, because it is the latter that uses it.

IPG grade performance is so pure that if the ocean were made from it, we would be able to see the ocean floor clearly!

The core of the fibre can be configured in two different ways – single mode and multi-mode – with the difference being in fibre core diameter, wavelength, light source and bandwidth.

Single-mode fibre has significantly lower attenuation and can be used over longer distances than multi-mode.

As a leading innovator and manufacturer of single mode, our fibre enables optimum performance in both the 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength operation ranges – including the 1565 to 1625nm L-band.

Our innovative optical fibre is used for a full range of applications, spanning longhaul, metropolitan, access, defence security, FTTx, and premises applications. They are used in all cable constructions such as loose tube, tight buffered, ribbon, and central tube scenarios for underground and aerial deployments.



Low attenuation and dispersion; high level of efficiencies in O-band (1260- 1360nm),C- and L-Band (1530-1625nm).
Full compatibility with other fibre – for parameters such as transmission, connections and installation tools.
State of the art testing and R&D capability



Suitable for all types of telecom networks

Standardised products for worldwide sourcing and applications

Easier, faster and more secure connections

High grade purity, geometry and uniformity Quality output at every manufacturing stage

Certification Euroclass CPR